Buying Auto Insurance Online in Florida

Buying auto insurance in Florida is easier than you think. Local Car Insurance gives you the convenience of getting an auto quote from the comfort of your easy chair.

Tidbits to Keep You Driving Legal

Like other states, Florida has some laws that are only applied to vehicles registered in the state of Florida. One of these rules is that whether or not the vehicle is driven in Florida, you must maintain Florida coverage until you relinquish that registration and surrender the tags. You can be fined for driving without insurance if you cancel your Florida insurance before purchasing new insurance, too.

Keep in mind that you can lose your driving privileges if you drive without adequate insurance coverage. If your privileges are revoked it could cost you as much as $500 to regain your privileges. In order to be sure you have all of the facts about Florida’s automobile insurance requirements, we suggest you visit some of the websites below.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
The Official State of Florida Website

Discounts in Florida

Looking for discounts on your auto insurance can require a bit of detective work.  For example, the State of Florida has a program that mandates discounts for drivers over the age of 55. Drivers in this age group who complete a mature driver safety course, in person or online, will receive special discounts. The discount amount is set by each insurance carrier and can range from 5% to 15%.

Safety courses can also provide protection from points if you receive a moving violation that does not involve an at-fault crash. These discounts will be in effect for two or three years, but can be renewed by repeating the course. Young drivers in Florida also receive substantial discounts for taking a driver training course.

Experience matters

In Florida your insurance is rated based on how much driving experience you have.  If you are just moving to Florida, or if you recently moved to the state, get a copy of your driving record from your previous state.  If you can show several years of driving experience, your rating, and your insurance premium, will go down.  

Required Coverage

In Florida, the mandatory minimum includes at least  $10,000 Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 Property Damage Liability, provided you have not been in an accident or been convicted of an offense that requires you to purchase BIL coverage.

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