Texas Car Insurance Laws

Finding the best car insurance may seem like a confusing maze, but with the aid of our highly informed agents and the detailed information listed here on our website, you will be prepared to make the best decision in purchasing your Texas car insurance.

What Effects Texas Premiums

  • Age/Marital Status: Males under 25 and females under 21 can expect to pay higher premiums while those 50 and older may be eligible for discounts.
  • Driving record/claims history: Texas drivers with claims will pay more than those drivers with clean records.
  • Location: Urban areas of Texas pose greater risks for insurance. Consequently, urban drivers will find it more expensive to insure their cars than those who live in rural areas.
  • Type of car: Texas drivers with luxury, high-performance and sports cars should expect high collision and comprehensive rates.
  • If you drove uninsured in Texas for more than 30 days in the 12 months you applied for insurance, you can expect to pay higher costs for your insurance.
  • Additional Texas Insurance Discounts:
    • Driving courses
    • Good grades
    • Airbags/Automatic seatbelts
    • Automatic daytime running lights
    • Anti-lock brakes
    • Anti-theft devices

Texas Car Insurance Requirements

Texas requires residents to pay for any accident they may cause. Complying with this law requires residents to purchase liability insurance. In the state of Texas, the law requires that you have the following minimum coverage:

CoverageMinimum Required
Each Injured Person per accident$30,000-$60,000
Property Damage per accident$25,000

As the cost of vehicles and health care is so high, the minimum amounts may not fully cover all of the costs of injury and damage you may cause in an accident. In Texas, without adequate coverage, you run the risk of being sued for the remaining costs.

Financial Responsibility

After buying a Texas insurance policy, you will be given a proof-of-insurance card. You must have this card in your vehicle at all times and be able to show it in the following instances:

  • Are asked by a law enforcement officer
  • Involved in an accident
  • Register/Renew your Texas registration
  • Obtain/Renew your Texas driver’s license
  • Have you car inspected

Being found without proof of insurance will result in a fine of $175-$350 for the first offense with succeeding offenses bringing fines of $350-$1,000 as well as suspension of your driver’s license and impounding of your vehicle.

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