Washington DC

Tips for Visitors and Temporary Residents in the District

Every year there are more than 15 million visitors to our nation’s capitol. When you consider that Washington, DC also has over 300,000 licensed drivers, it is easy to see the potential for being involved in an auto accident. Knowing insurance coverage requirements before an accident happens can prevent unnecessary stress and financial hardship.

What You Should Know

Your Insurance Agency Is Your Best Resource

Even if you already have auto insurance, getting a quote from localcarinsurance.net  before heading out on your next business trip or vacation could save you some money. A review of your policy will make sure you have the required insurance to satisfy the District’s legal requirements.

Minimum Legal Requirements

The segment below shows the minimum requirements for anyone operating a motor vehicle (including motorcycles and other motorized vehicles) in Washington D.C.

Property Damage Liability Minimum          $10,000
Third Party Liability                                      $25,000/person and $50,000/accident
Uninsured Motorist                                      $25,000/person and $50,000/per accident

Fines and Penalties

The Metropolitan Police have the authority to request proof of insurance during a routine traffic stop. Drivers with registered vehicles in the District that fail to provide proof that continuous coverage has been maintained could be charged fines and penalties up to $2500. The documents you provide must show the policy number and agency that issued the coverage, date of coverage and names of all insured drivers. There is a fine of $30 if you cannot produce adequate proof of insurance when asked to do so by an MPD officer.

Discounts in Washington, DC

Taking an approved driver training course can yield some great discounts. Completion of a state mandated or state approved class, can result in a discount on auto insurance, allow the driver to gain “good driver” credits and even grant a reduction in points on the driving record.

No-Fault Riders

Although Washington, DC is not considered a “no-fault state,” the district has riders for injuries caused during an accident. 

It is recommended that car owners review auto insurance coverage annually. If you have questions about state minimum coverage requirements, establishing proof of insurance, self-insurance guidelines of other related insurance matters, it may be time to do a thorough  review of your auto policies. We recommend checking with your Human Resource Manager to see if your employer has special auto insurance discount agreements.