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While it may seem convenient to simply check out quotes, fill out forms, and communicate with your car insurance company online, you’ll probably miss the personal touch that local auto insurance companies can provide. Since many of them offer bill pay and other such services over the Internet, you’ll still have the convenience of doing the majority of the work from home, but you’ll also have the comfort of knowing you can go to your agent with any questions or concerns that may arise instead of communicating with a call center in a big city. Below is a list of some of the most recognized advantages to buying insurance from local companies:

Personalized Service

The agents of local car insurance companies lives and work in the same city as you, and  are easily accessible to help answer any of your questions or concerns. It’s often easier to get policy, billing or claims issues resolved in a visit to your agent rather than a phone call or through online communication. And while your agent doesn’t personally handle your claims, he may be able to get updates from the main office on how your claims are progressing and pass them on to you.

Well-Informed Employees

When working with local car insurance companies, the head agent and the office staff usually work with one or a few specific companies. Many times they have an easier time creating a customized plan to meet your personal needs and assets. Because they have such a thorough knowledge of what their companies offer, they can quickly, confidently and accurately answer your questions.

Free Gifts for You!

When you visit your local auto insurance companies, you’ll often come away with free gifts like wall calendars, magnets, or even beach balls, teddy bears and coloring books (especially if you bring your well-behaved kids)! While it’s not necessary, it does add a personalized touch and is a way your agent thanks you for supporting his local business.

You can find phone numbers and addresses for your local car insurance companies either online or in the phone book. Start making calls or visits today to find a personalized plan that fits your family’s needs and budget.